Medical Cannabis Growing

If you are new to growing medical cannabis, then there are many guides and tutorials out there which can help you grow high quality plants.  These guides contain step by step instructions on medical cannabis growing.   Once you have the right information and access to resources, you will find that medical cannabis growing is not difficult.  It is easy just like growing other kinds of plants.  To begin with, you will need to pick your seeds.  Before you start medical cannabis growing, you must know whether you want to grow an auto flowering strain, a sativa or an indica?  Other things that you must consider is how much space you have for growing cannabis, what type of medium you will require for the strain you have chosen and which growing technique you wish to adopt.  After your requirements are clear, you can choose the right kind of seeds and begin the germination process.

Germination basically requires soaking the seeds in water for at least 24 hours and then wrapping them up in a moist towel so they sprout.  After sprouts can be noticed, the seeds can be placed in their growing medium where they will develop into seedlings.  Care must be provided at this stage and the growing conditions must be right as well.  During the initial development of the marijuana plants, the lighting condition must be perfect as well.  Growing marijuana plants require adequate lighting which is about 16 hours in a 24 hour cycle.

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