Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana cultivation involves a lot. One should set the right growth medium in term of ph. value and nutrients supply. The best optimal temperature always required ranges from 24-30 degree centigrade for the purposes of correct plant warmth. Lighting is always natural or artificial for outdoor and indoor respectively. When it comes to watering the plant, the temperature, age and size of the plant, texture of the medium and also the growth stage are always the determining factors.

About plant seeds, 420college state it well to be about 12 hrs-8days. The seeding stage also takes about 1 to 4 weeks and this stage is where the plant always sexes itself to either male or female. Vegetative phase is one of the most important stages when doing marijuana cultivation. This is the stage that most plant forms the leaves. The duration of this stage is usually 1 to 2 month especially in the indoor plants. After this stage, it is always important to determine the best time to do the harvesting depending with the prevailing weather condition associated to marijuana cultivation.

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