Los Angeles cannabis business permits

If you are looking to obtain Los Angeles cannabis business permits, it is important for you to understand that there are some legal requirements that you will have to meet prior to making your application.  

One of the most important things is rezoning.  Every retailer must be zoned and to understand what all is involved in this process you can take a look at the requirements laid out in the rezoning application.  
Since the process can be complicated and difficult to understand, you may get the opportunity to discuss the requirements with the city staff.  Mostly, a meeting will be held which you can attend and understand the process better.  After the meeting, you will have to make an application for rezoning and you must make sure that the form you submit is complete and accurate. 

From the time you submit an application, it will take about 8 months for you to get a response from the relevant authority.  You will have to wait patiently because depending on the number of applications they receive it can take more than 8 months before you get a reply.  Keep in mind that you will also have to pay a fee for Los Angeles cannabis business permits which may not be refunded if you don’t win the application.