Cannabis dispensary permits

Are you wondering if cannabis dispensary permits are transferrable?  There are many states which have made it clear that their permits cannot be transferred once they are granted.  In the state of California which was the first state to make cannabis legal has outlined in its rules that once licenses are given, they cannot be transferred.  As far as changing laws are concerned in other states, transferring of cannabis permits may not be allowed. 

What this basically means is that cannabis dispensary permits cannot be sold as a personal property.  However, the business owner can still sell the company as part of a stock purchase or a membership.  The market will not remain healthy for those who sell their licensed businesses and this is the reason this is not encouraged as well.  There are also prohibitions on licensing limitations and vertical integration that people planning to do cannabis business must know.  In many of these legalized states, the rules come from a statute which serves as a baseline for the rules.  Combining various types of cannabis dispensary permits and licenses are also prohibited.  This is the reason people must keep the prohibitions in mind when deciding on what type of license they want to obtain for their business. 

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