Can You Legally Sell Marijuana In Florida

One of the questions that most people ask these days is “can you legally sell marijuana in Florida?” 

The answer is that it is not yet legal to sell or use marijuana in the state of Florida.  But, amendments to the laws have been made and if majority votes are received, then it will be possible to legally sell marijuana in Florida, but for medical use only.  There are many states in the US where selling medical marijuana is legal.  This means that the person selling marijuana must have proper licenses in place and the patient who is buying and using marijuana must have proper patient identification card.

If certain requirements are met, it will be possible for people suffering from certain diseases and conditions to make use of marijuana, but in limited amounts and under limited conditions.
Florida has stringent laws when it comes to possessing marijuana.  If medical marijuana is legalized in the state, then only a licensed physician will be allowed to sell medical marijuana.  And this happens after meeting all the conditions and requirements outlined by the Florida Department of Health.  Can you legallysell marijuana in Florida is a question that still remains unanswered until approval is given to legalize cannabis in the state.  

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